Core Curriculum

The core curriculum is the common set of classes that all undergraduate students of an institution of higher education are required to complete before receiving a degree. Upon completion of the Lee College core curriculum, those classes are guaranteed to transfer and meet core requirements at other schools.

Core Curriculum

Associate of Arts Degree (AA)
Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT)
Associate of Science (AS)

The primary purpose of the AA, AS, and AAT degrees are to prepare students to transfer and meet prerequisites for junior level courses. The Degree and Certificate Plans section of this catalog suggests sequencing of courses for degrees. (See current class schedule for any changes.) A course can be counted only once in meeting core curriculum requirements. Honors sections of these courses meet core curriculum requirements.

Students may  also take “Field of Study” courses at a community college. Field of study refers to courses that will satisfy the lower division requirements for a bachelor’s degree in a specific academic area.

Field of Study Curriculum for Business
Field of Study Curriculum for Computer Science
Field of Study Curriculum for Criminal Justice
Field of Study Curriculum for Music

General Education for AAS Degrees

An AAS degree requires a minimum of 15 SCH of General Education courses. AAS degree earners will not have the description “core complete” on their transcripts unless they have completed the entire 42-43 SCH Core defined for AA and AS degrees.