English & Reading Pathways

The diagram on this page explains the sequence of developmental reading/writing courses that lead to Credit Writing Courses.

These credit courses are part of the Lee College core.

Chart: English and Reading Pathways. Typically, a student would take REBR 300, then ENRD 401, followed by ENRD 402, all of which are non-credit courses. The student would then take the credit course ENGL 1301 (communications), but could also choose to take ENGL 1301T (Composition 1) or ENGL 2311 (technical writing). Alternatively, after taking ENRD 401, instead of taking ENRD 402, the student could take ENBR 402 as a non-credit course, then take the credit course ENGL 1301. Abbreviations: ENRD is Integrated Writing & intermediate College Reading; ENBR is Writing & Advanced Reading Bridge; and REBR is Beginning College Reading Skills Bridge.

Credit English Course Descriptions

ENGL 1301 – English Composition I
Intensive study of and practice in writing processes, from invention and researching to drafting, revising, and editing, both individually and collaboratively.

ENGL 1301T – English Composition I
This course focuses on writing for the workplace and is for students seeking a certificate or an AAS degree. It is not intended as preparation for ENGL 1302.

ENGL 2311 – Technical Writing
Intensive study of writing documents such as proposals, instructions, policies, and procedures in a professional setting.

Your starting point in this sequence is determined by your placement scores and/or prior credit. Below you can see the test scores that are used to place you into a class. The solid line on the chart represents the typical pathway leading to Credit Writing Courses. However, the dashed lines represent options you might have, depending on your test scores and required credit course for your specific degree plan.

Courses: REBR 300, ENRD 401, ENRD 402, ENBR 402, ENGL 1301, ENGL 1301T, ENGL 2311

One option students have for Developmental Writing is to take a Bridge Course identified on the diagram above as ENBR 402. You also may be eligible for this class if you complete ENRD 401 with a grade of A

A co-requisite is when the developmental and credit course are taken within the same semester.