Articles: Journals, Magazines, or Newspapers?

In your research, you will probably be asked to get articles.* It’s important to know that there are different types of articles so you can focus your research appropriately. A periodical is a publication that is published on a regular basis. The Lee College Library receives three kinds of periodicals: newspapers, magazines, and journals.

… are publications that …
  • are written for scholars or professional groups and may be published monthly, bimonthly or quarterly.
  • are written by professionals and the articles are reviewed by peers (other professionals in the field) before being published.
  • have few color photographs, lots of charts and graphs, are signed and have bibliographies and works cited.
  • are not considered to be “for profit,” (authors are not usually paid with publication), and advertisements are rarely seen.
… are usually …
  • published weekly or monthly and have articles of interest to a wide range of people.
  • filled with glossy pictures, they might have a general interest in publishing articles on politics, sports, news, celebrities, for example.
  • not scholarly and rarely include a bibliography of sources cited.
  • have many advertisements within and are almost always “for profit.”


… are generally published every day and carry stories of local news that is happening every day in a community.
Trade Journals
… are magazines published for and read by members of a specific occupation.

To find articles, you need to use the Library’s research databases.

*An article is a nonfictional written composition published in a newspaper or magazine.

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