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It’s easier than ever to use books, even when you’re not on campus. Of course most books are still only in print, but using them has become easier, too.

  • This is a list of all the databases we subscribe to that provide book content. Most provide the complete text of the book online.
  • EBSCO eBooks contains our largest collection of completely online books.
  • Reference Universe searches the indexes and tables of contents of thousands of print books. Use it to find books on your topic in the Lee College Library.
  • What about reference books?: the best research should start with reference books. We have many of these in our databases, too.
    • Credo Reference Services is a large reference collection covering an array of disciplines.
    • WorldBook Encyclopedia is an excellent starting place for research. The online version provides extensive primary resources, as well as an atlas, dictionary and other reference works.
    • Literature Resource Center, a compilation of several critically acclaimed literature reference book series, is an excellent source for book and periodical information about literature as well as a substantial collection of poems and other primary documents.
Last update: Tuesday, 01 October, 2013 13:26