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How to Use the Catalog

The Lee College Library Catalog is where you can find Books, Ebooks, DVDs, VHSs, and even your Course Reserves.

You do not need a password to search the catalog from off-campus.


Across the top of your screen in the catalog you will see a set of brown tabs. The four most important tabs are “Keyword,” “Phrase,” “Browse,” and “Advanced.”

  • The catalog opens up to a keyword search. Brainstorm keywords before typing in the search box. Coming up with a game plan before you start will payoff in the end with better results.
  • Use quotation marks for phrases. For example the search term public school without quotations has 375 results, with quotations there are 86 results.
  • Browse means “look it up alphabetically,” you should use it when you know the exact title or when you need to look up a specific author.
  • Use advanced search when you have too many or too few results. Advanced search is where you use Boolean Operators.
    • AND instructs the catalog to return only the results containing every word in your search.
    • OR tells the catalog to return at least on of your search terms.
    • NOT commands the catalog to weed out a specific term.


Search results tell you the Location of the item you are looking at. Here is information about Locations shown in the catalog.


Need more help? Check out this tutorial.

Last update: Tuesday, 08 October, 2013 10:32