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Criminal Investigation

Select Websites for Criminal Investigation

CRIH 2314, Spring Semester, 2011
Contact info:

  • Oris B. Buckner III, M.A.C.J.
  • Office: 281.425.6463
  • Librarian: Julie Sayles, MLIS
  • Office: 281.425.6276

This is a comprehensive list of websites compiled for use by students of CRIH 2314: Criminal Justice. If you have any questions about any of these sites, please contact Julie Sayles.

What kind of information?
U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies & Information
State Law Enforcement Information
Statistical Information
Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation Information
Public Records Information:
Black Book Online: Free Public Records Searching
Public Records Information
Legislative Information:
Charters of Freedom U.S. Constitution, Amendments, etc.
FindLaw for legal professionals
Texas Courts Online
Texas Legislature Online
Thomas Legislative Information from Library of Congress
United States Government Law Enforcement Agencies and Information: The official United States government Website
ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
Coordinating Council on Juvenile and Delinquency Prevention
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
FTC’s Identity Theft Federal Trade Commission
Homeland Security
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
International Association of Chiefs of Police
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
U.S. Department of Justice
USDJ (U.S. Department of Justice) Agencies:

Arms Control and International Safety U.S. Department of State
U.S. Department of the Treasury
U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Terrorism and Illicit Finance
U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency
U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency’s Houston Division
U.S. Postal Inspection Service
U.S. Secret Service
State Law Enforcement Information:
Law Enforcement and Corrections–Related Agencies
Public Safety by State
State and Local Governments
Public Safety and Law:
Information Technology:
Einformation Network
State Agencies by Topic
State Justice Institute
State Home Pages
Texas Home Page
Texas Courts Online
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Texas Department of Public Safety
Texas Legislature Online
Statistical Information:
2011 Statistical Abstract of the United States (National Data Book)
Law Enforcement, Courts, and Prisons from the US Census
American Fact Finder from the US Census
2009 Internet Crime Report
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Children’s Statistics
County and City Data Book
CrimeStat: A Spatial Statistics Program for the Analysis of Crime Incident Locations
Map Stats
Economic Data by State and Geographic Area
State and County Quick Facts from the US Census
State and Metropolitan Area Data Book from the US Census
Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics
USA Counties from the US Census
Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation Information: Biometrics Consortium
FBI Biometric Center of Excellence
DNA Initiative
Scientific Working Group on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (SWGSTAIN)
Electronic Crimes Task Force of the Secret Service
ID Management
“Identity Theft – Trends and Issues” a Congressional Research Service report
“Fighting Back Against Identity Theft” from the Federal Trade Commission
Financial Crimes and Scams
U.S. Intelligence Community
International Association of Financial Crime Investigators
Internet Crime Complaint Center
Internet Fraud
IRS Email and Identity Theft
Justice Technology Information Network
Tax Scams and Fraud Alerts from the Internal Revenue Service
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