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Election 2012

General Election

2012 Elections – The Texas Tribune
News related to elections, candidates, and Texas-specific information compiled by the Texas Tribune.
Elections – Brookings Institution
A nonprofit public policy organization, Brookings researches and compiles current election-related news, including commentaries, published works, and upcoming events.
Google Politics & Elections
Google has created a page dedicated to election coverage, including trends, results, candidates, and issues. Use the search bar at the top to search election-related stories or use the links on the left hand side of the page to get to know individual candidates as well as explore election issues in depth. The middle section is a real-time collection of election news from sources such as the New York Times, USA Today, and the Washington Post. This page also includes links on the right hand side of the page to political resources on Google+ and Youtube, a 2012 political calendar, and a Politics & Election Toolkit.
Opposing Viewpoints in Context – Presidential Election Process Portal Page
Presidential election information gathered by Opposing Viewpoints in Context.
Campaign 2012: Data and Analysis about the 2012 Presidential Election
The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press is a non-partisan organization devoted to public opinion research on a variety of topics, including politics. This subject page devoted to the 2012 presidential campaign and election contains informational reports on demographic trends and important issues, as well as a Political Party Quiz that shows how closely your individual views align with those of political parties. Browse their polls, infographics, and statistics to learn more about the upcoming election.
Reuters – Issues 2012
Organized by the news source Reuters, this page provides categories of current election issues, including Economy, Immigration, American Voices, Energy, Social Issues, Entitlement Programs, Debt, National Security, and Healthcare. Each issue page features recent headlines, individual candidate profiles related to the issue, and viewpoints from political journalists. In addition to the Issues page, Reuters also maintains a general Election 2012 page as well as a Candidates 2012 page.

Political Parties

(in alphabetical order)

Constitution Party
Constitution Party National Committee Headquarters The official homepage of the Constitution Party provides background information about the party, ways to get involved including at local level, upcoming events, news and commentary, and downloadable resources.
Democratic National CommitteeThe homepage for the Democratic party contains information on the party, its beliefs, its members, current news, and election information.
Texas Democratic Party
Paid for by the Texas Democratic Party, this website contains information about the Democratic Party in Texas, including featured events, news, and issues, as well as ways to contribute and volunteer.
Green Party
The Green Party of the United States The official homepage of the Green Party offers information about the party, including ten key issues, press releases, upcoming elections, and state and local views.
2012 Green Party National Convention The official homepage of the Green Party National Convention which took place July 12 – July 15, 2012, in Baltimore, Maryland.
Libertarian National Committee The official homepage of the Libertarian Party features information about the party, key issues, upcoming elections, and state-specific information.
2012 Libertarian Party Convention The official homepage of the Libertarian Party National Convention which took place May 2 – May 6, 2012, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
RNC: Republican National CommitteeThe homepage of the Republican National Committee contains information on volunteering, current issues, and election news, as well as specialized pages for women, Latinos, and individual pages for each state.
Republican Party of Texas
Paid for by the Republican Party of Texas, this website includes Texas specific news, information about the party, ways to look up elected officials, and upcoming events. Its Election specific page gives information on the Republican candidates and the election timeline.



Barack Obama: The homepage for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign.
Biography in Context – Barack Obama: A page with a brief biography, facts, news articles, journal articles, magazine articles, reference materials, images, and videos for Barack Obama.


Mitt Romney for President: The homepage for Mitt Romney’s campaign for the presidency.
Biography in Context – Mitt Romney: A page with a brief biography, facts, news articles, journal articles, magazine articles, reference materials, images, and videos for Mitt Romney.

Voting Information


2012 Presidential/Primary Caucus Calendar – National Association of Secretaries of State
A timeline of upcoming presidential election events, including caucuses and primaries.
Can I Vote?
An impartial website created by state officials to educate citizens on how, where, and when to vote.
FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) is a national media watch group that attempts to highlight biases and censorship in media and journalism. The FAIR Blog highlights current issues with links to archives, a press center, and studies and reports.
Federal Election Commission Homepage
Includes campaign finance maps and statistics that track political donations to presidential and house and senate candidates as well as detailing the organizations and individuals donating the funds.
National Institute on Money in State Politics – Follow the Money
A data-rich site with information on political funding in the fifty states. This site includes timelines, lists of major donors, and other correlations between donations, issues, and voting trends.
Project Vote Smart – the Voter’s Self Defense System
A site with biographies of candidates, public statements by candidates, voting records, and issue positions. It also includes a tool called VoteEasy in which you can answer questions about issues that are important to you and see which candidates match your views.
Smart Voter
By the League of Women Voters: Provides comprehensive, nonpartisan election information about candidates, issues, and upcoming elections.
An informational site maintained by the League of Women Voters with polling locations, ballot issues, and quick resource guides related to the elections.


Am I Registered?
Use your Texas driver’s license number, your Voter Unique Identifier (VUID), or your first and last name to find out if and where you are registered to vote in the state of Texas.
Harris County Voter Search
Make sure you are registered to vote in Harris County by searching your name, street address, voter VUID/certificate number, or voter legacy number. If you are registered, this site will provide you with the names of your elected officials as well as additional voting area information.
Texas Secretary of State – About the Elections Division
A collection of links and information provided by the Secretary of State for Texas.
Created specifically for voters in Texas, this page contains information on getting registered, candidates and elections, and voters’ rights.

The Election Process and its History

The Living Room Candidate
From the Museum of the Moving Image, this site houses a collection of over 300 presidential candidate commercials dating back to the 1950s, organized by year, type, and issues addressed.
Presidents of the United States (POTUS)
A list of the names and terms of service of all 44 presidents of the United States with individual biographical entries.
U.S. Electoral College
Produced by the National Archives and Records Administration, this website explains what the electoral college is and its role in the election process. It also contains an electoral college vote calculator, previous election information, and frequently asked questions.

Political Blogs

2012 Presidential Election News
A blog devoted to the 2012 election with a debate schedule, party convention schedules, and a primary schedule. The main page has opinion pieces as well commentary on election reslts, a “delegate tracker,” and links to specialized pages featuring candidates, topics, and statistics.
WatchBlog: Political News, Opinion, and Commentary
With three columns devoted to the three major political parties of the United States (Republican, Democrat, and third party groups), this blog features opinion and commentary from a variety of political viewpoints and multiple authors. It can be useful for understanding different views of an issue and gaining knowledge of important issues and debates across parties.
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