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Informative or Explanatory Paper

An informative, sometimes called explanatory, paper informs the audience on a particular subject. It does not attempt to persuade the reader. It does not give the opinions of the author.

When doing research for an informative paper the research resources that you choose will be dependent on your topic.

  • Pick a topic- click. Help picking a topic
  • Be sure to brainstorm keywords
    • Typing in just renaissance will give you too many hits, come up with more specific keywords like renaissance and music and use the advanced search in the online catalog

Print Resources

  • Check out our online catalog
  • Think about what you are researching. Are you researching something that happened recently?
    • Do you need a book?
    • Do you need an article from the library’s online databases?
Last update: Tuesday, 08 October, 2013 10:26