Let’s face it, any library can be a confusing place. So, here are some tips to help you find your way around the Lee College Library.

The Library Catalog has a field called “Location.”

Here are some of the Lee locations:

  • Main Book Shelves: is the largest collection of books in the library. They are the “regular-sized” books that can be checked out. They are on shelves on both sides of the library at the end closest the Circulation Desk.
  • Reference: is in the shelves at the back of the library. These books are ones you would refer to rather than read from cover to cover. Dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias are found here. These books do not circulate – that is, they may not be checked out.
  • Oversize: is where books that are taller than 11 inches are kept. Why? Because if the shelves were far enough apart to house them all together, far fewer books would fit in the library. Oversize books are in the front of the library across from the Circulation Desk. They may be checked out.
  • Career/Test Prep: on a bookshelf against the library office by the Reference Desk, you will find books about careers and preparing for standardized tests. These may be checked out.
  • DVDs or CDs are housed with other audio visual materials on the southwest side of the building (away from the picture windows).
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