Embedding Digital Campus Videos in Blackboard Learn

Embedding a Digital Campus Video in Blackboard Learn 9.1

Due to copyright, Lee users may only view Digital Campus movies through Blackboard or WebCT. As the instructor, you will need to embed the video link into your course. This prevents students from sharing the video link with others outside the course.

  1. When the movie you requested is available, Jeannie will send you the code to embed the film.
  2. From your course menu, click on Course Content:
    Course Content selected in menu example
    Be sure Edit Mode is On – located near the top right corner of Blackboard:
    On is selected
  3. Click Build Content, and under Create, select Item:
    Item is highlighted under Build Content, Create
  4. Enter the name of the movie in the Name field. In this example, Food, Inc. (1 in the image below)
  5. In the toolbar, select HTML to open the HTML code view window. (2 in the image below)
    The Name field and HTML (abc) button are indicated on the toolbar
  6. Paste the complete code you received from the library into the text box. Click on Update.Make sure you copy the entire link beginning with <p>If you’re having trouble viewing…

    and ending with… ></iframe></p>

    An example of a link in the HTML code.

  7. You should see a small dash (-) in the text window, along with a very large yellow square. Click Submit.
    A small dash appears on the left side, below the toolbar
  8. Note that the link info includes a link to the Silverlight download site. Silverlight is essential for Digital Campus films to stream. It is the same software that Netflix uses.
    An example Silverlight error message is shown
  9. The movie should appear in a frame after you have clicked Submit, but if it does not, you may have to refresh Blackboard to see the movie. To do this, go back to your course menu and click on Course Content.
  10. The movie will not play automatically; you will need to click the play button. Note; you can choose to have the film display in full screen.
  11. It is a good idea to ensure the video plays in Student View and on a variety of browsers.
Last update: Tuesday, 18 April, 2017 15:47