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    Sticky job 
    A worker at the Ayres factory coating a tennis ball with rubber solution before placing the cover on. 1925.
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    A cool job 
    An iceman lifting a block of ice onto the back of a lorry during a heat wave in London. 1932.
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    Telegraph worker 
    A woman learns how to use an LNER telegraph machine during World War II. 1942.
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    Smoking on the job 
    A man smokes a pipe atop a building under construction in New York City. Early 1910s.
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    Powder monkey 
    "Powder monkey" (who supplies the gun crew with powder and shot) aboard the U.S.S. New Hampshire. Circa 1864.
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    Tram conductor 
    Miss Young works as a tram conductor, a job that until World War II had been carried out only by men. 1940.
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    Bob-a-job week 
    Against the background of the Tower Bridge, two boy scouts clean a captured Russian gun. 1950.
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    Shining shoes 
    A boy scout cleans a woman's shoes as part of "bob-a-job" week. 1951.
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    Cutting glass 
    The skill of 48 years at the job goes into the work as Harry Jones hand-cuts a crystal decanter. 1962.
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    Flight mechanics 
    Two WAAF flight mechanics tackle an intricate mechanical job on the engine of a plane. 1943.
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    Setting scissors 
    Workers at a Sheffield steel factory matching pairs of scissor blades. 1959.
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    Beautifying the tower 
    A workman is suspended 270 metres above the ground to give the Eiffel Tower a fresh coat of paint for its 50th anniversary. 1939.
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    Chicken woman 
    One of many women taking up farming jobs during the war. Miss Marshall collects eggs from chickens in Worcestershire, 1941.
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    Hangman's rope 
    Testing the strength of hangman's ropes in John Edgington's London workshop. The rope is only used for one job - execution. 1948.
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    A young woman delivers bread 
    A young woman delivers bread by van in Sydney in 1942. Before World War II, this job had been carried out be men.
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    Stewardesses in Galley 
    Stewardesses working in the kitchen of an airplane. 1950s.

Job & Career Accelerator
After a one time registration, users can complete a profile and take an “occupation matcher” test to create a personalized experience. In addition to in depth career information like education required, average salary, and projected job growth, Job & Career Accelerator also has tools to help with creating resumes and cover letters, navigating the interview process, and popular technology tutorials.
Testing & Education Reference Center
TERC contains over 300 practice tests and courses, including high school tests (AP, TAKS), college entrance exams (ACT, SAT), graduate school entrance exams (GRE, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT), and career-specific training and testing materials for fields like accounting, medical/nursing, and teaching. In addition to tests, the Testing & Education Reference Center also contains tools to search for colleges and scholarships, to build your resume, and information on obtaining U.S. citizenship.

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Learning Express
A complementary tool to the Job & Career Accelerator, Learning Express offers tests, ebooks, and courses specialized for different education levels, from elementary level to adult skill building. With occupation practice tests, workplace skills, GED preparation, and popular software tutorials, Learning Express contains a wide range of career information.
In your library: Career / Test Preparation Collection
Did you know the Lee College library has a special section just for career and test preparation books? You can find it next to the reference desk in the back of the library or browse it virtually in our online catalog. Don’t overlook the Careers Reports on the top shelf. Each booklet contains information on a specific career, with over 400 careers represented!
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Occupational Outlook Handbook contains detailed information on specific jobs in the United States. Each job section contains median salary, education required, number of jobs, expected growth, similar occupations, and links to additional information. The handbook is available in the reference section of the library and electronically. The online edition allows browsing by occupation groups, highest pay jobs, fastest growing jobs, and also has a search feature to narrow down relevant jobs.
My Next Move
Another excellent government resource, My Next Move is an interactive tool for both students starting their careers and anyone looking for employment. With career outlook information, salary statistics, and local state information from the Bureau of Labor Statistic, this site has a wealth of information on over 900 careers. In addition, My Next Move allows for browsing by industry as well as incorporating an “interest profiler” which can help you find careers that fit your interests.

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