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In Your Library: Alice Munro
This year’s recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature is Alice Munro, a Canadian author praised for her short stories. Read more about Alice Munro’s life and writing style in Literary Reference Center, browse the library’s collection for literary criticism and anthologies containing her stories, or check out one of her collected works.
Britannica Academic Edition: The Nobel Prize
Learn about how the Nobel Prizes were created, their involved selection process, what a Nobel prize actually entails, and see the past winners for all six categories in this entry from Encyclopedia Britannica. Be sure to check out the Video, Images, & Audio in the sidebar on the left to see photographs of the medals, related videos, and an interactive feature on the selection process.

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Featured Biography from Biography in Context: Jane Addams
Jane Addams was the first American woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Peace. Her humanitarian work included founding the Hull House in Chicago, a “settlement house” that helped poor people in a variety of ways, as well as her work with women’s rights, unions, and eradicating racial prejudice. Read her biography to find out how she came up with her aid programs, why she was called “the most dangerous woman in America” by her detractors, and how her life has shaped our current world. The official website of the Nobel Prize
The official website of the Nobel Prize contains a wealth of information, including interviews with the recipients, educational games and resources (including The Blood Typing Game and Pavlov’s Dog Game), and quick facts on the Nobel prizes and winners throughout history. You can also watch past years’ ceremonies and even learn about the menus served and the royal attire of the Queen of Sweden.

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