May 4

May 4

Dear Students,

Lee College is thankful for your patience and flexibility during the past month. We are resuming the Spring 2020 ‘paused’ classes effective Monday, May 18, through Friday, June 12. Hands-on courses resuming instruction include those courses taught at Main campus in Baytown, the McNair Center, and the Lee College Education Center at South Liberty County. Please be sure to check your myLC email and Blackboard to communicate with your instructor to verify the days/times/location of your class.

Safety is our top priority at Lee College, especially as we resume hands-on lab instruction. For your safety, and the safety of others, please be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • All students should arrive to class with their face covered. Face coverings can be masks, bandanas, scarves, or any other similar type cloth that can be used to cover the face.
  • All students must practice good hand-washing hygiene, and are encouraged to wash/sanitize hands before and after every class period.
    • Hand sanitizer and sanitization wipes will be provided to scheduled classrooms.
  • All students, faculty, and staff must practice social distancing, per CDC guidelines, by remaining at least six feet apart at all times.
  • Upon arrival, and where appropriate, specialized tools or equipment should be sanitized with a sanitization wipe or a mild soap bath.
  • Water fountains will not be available. If students bring their own bottled water, the containers must be kept on or near their person or work station. Bottles should not be stored together in a closed location, nor should they be shared.
  • Gathering in public spaces, such as break rooms, lounges, or hallways, is prohibited.
  • If you need help to complete your studies, please let us know. Lee Cares:
  • For general information on the Lee College response to COVID-19, please visit:

For general CDC prevention guidelines, please visit:

Thank you for being part of the Lee College community. We look forward to seeing you the week of May 18.


Dr, Veronique Tran
Vice President of Instruction, Lee College

List of Courses Resuming Hands-on Instruction Week of May 18:

Subject Catalog No. Description
CETT 1307 Fundamentals of Electronics
CTEC 2445 Unit Operations
ELPT 1315 Electrical Calculations I
ELPT 1321 Intro.Electrical Safety/Tools
ELPT 1329 Residential Wiring
ELPT 1411 Basic Electrical Theory
ELPT 1455 Electronic Applications
ELPT 2319 Program. Logic Controllers I
ELPT 2331 AC/DC Drives
ELPT 2405 Motors and Transformers
HYDR 1345 Hydraulics and Pneumatics
IEIR 1302 Introduction to Direct Current
INTC 1401 Principles:Industrial Measure
INTC 1425 Inst. Hardware Installation I
INTC 1441 Principles of Automatic Contro
INTC 1443 App:Industrial Automatic Contr
INTC 1456 Instrumentation Calibration
INTC 2359 Distributed Control Systems
INTC 2371 Physical Properties Analyzers
INTC 2372 Sample Systems
INTC 2445 Advanced Analyzers
INTC 2450 Fieldbus Process Control Sys.
MCHN 1302 Print Reading For Mach Trades
MCHN 1391 ST: Machinist/Machine Technolo
MCHN 1425 Millwright I
MCHN 1429 Millwright II
MCHN 2407 Millwright IV
MCHN 2412 Millwright V
NDTE 1401 Film Interpretation of Weldmen
NDTE 2411 Prep Cert Weld. Insp. Exam
PFPB 1305 Basic Blueprint Read for Pipef
PFPB 2310 Intermediate Blueprint Reading
PFPB 2343 Advanced Pipe Practices
PFPB 2407 Pipe Fab.and Installation I
PFPB 2441 Pipe Fab.and Installation II
PFPB 2449 Field Measure, Sketch,& Layout
PTAC 1332 Process Instrumentation I
PTAC 1410 Process Technology I-Equipment
PTAC 2346 Process Troubleshooting
PTAC 2420 Process Technology II-Systems
PTAC 2438 Process Tech. III Operations
RBTC 1301 Programmable Logic Controllers
WLDG 1312 Introduction to Flux Cored Arc
WLDG 1313 Introduction to Blueprint Read
WLDG 1323 Welding Safety, Tools & Equipment
WLDG 1327 Welding Codes
WLDG 1337 Intro. to Welding Metallurgy
WLDG 1428 Intro.Shielded Metal Arc Weld
WLDG 1434 Intro.Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
WLDG 1435 Introduction to Pipe Welding
WLDG 2443 Adv.Shielded Metal Arc Welding
WLDG 2451 Adv.Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
WLDG 2453 Advanced Pipe Welding
VNSG Various Courses
RNSG Various Courses