Contracts Dispute

Purpose: To provide guidelines for Lee College District employees in the event a supplier/vendor dispute should arise as a result of contract award.

Scope: This procedure applies to all purchasing and other Lee College District personnel directly or indirectly related to any purchasing transaction.

Definition: Contract award is the final step in the competitive solicitation process. Lee College District representatives include, but are not limited to: requester, buyer responsible for the commodity, purchasing agent, dean of Financial Services, president, Board of Regents, and Lee College District general counsel.

Procedure: In the event that a supplier wishes to contest a contract awarded under the provisions of Texas Education Code, Subchapter B, Section 44.031, items (a) and (b), the supplier shall initiate a written document stating the reason(s) for the protest. In addition, the supplier shall provide supporting documents. Written protests shall be sent to the purchasing agent. The authorized Lee College District representative shall schedule a meeting between the supplier(s) representative and the authorized Lee College District representative(s). Whenever possible, a resolution agreed upon by both parties shall be reached at this stage. If no agreement is reached, the supplier shall contact the next level in the institutional hierarchy.