1. All goods will be shipped to the central receiving.
  2. Central receiving checks goods against packing slips and verifies receipt of all items shipped.
  3. Central receiving delivers the goods to the requisitioner.
  4. Requisitioner signs for the goods.
  5. Requisitioner verifies goods received against items ordered on P.O.
  6. Discrepancies are reported immediately to Receiving. Any actions pertaining to discrepancies must be coordinated through the Shipping & Receiving office.
  7. Receiving will transmit to Accounts Payable on a daily basis, all original paperwork for items received on the previous day. This will include invoices as well as packing slips. If Receiving receives items with no packing slip or invoice, a “dummy” packing slip will be created and submitted to Accounts Payable along with paperwork for all other items received.