Temporary Closings

Emergency Closures/Delayed Openings Procedure

The Dean of Strategic & Economic Development or her designee monitors status of the impending emergency. After collecting the information, the Dean of Strategic & Economic Development makes a decision. Employees are asked not to call the President’s Office.

Early morning decisions for delayed openings and/or all-day campus closures will be made by 5 a.m. Afternoon decisions for early, full, partial or specific location closures/evacuations will be made by 2 p.m. for evening classes.

The Dean of Strategic and Economic Development notifies the President, the Deans, the Executive Assistant to the President for Resource Development, and the Public Information Manager:

  1. The Deans and Executive Assistant to President for Resource Development begin the campus-wide process of calling department heads who are to call their lead people, who in turn call their section heads and so on until all full- and part-time employees/student workers are notified. Establishment and maintenance of calling system is the responsibility of each area.
  2. The Public Information Manager prepares and provides written/verbal statements(s) and:
    1. Emails the Media: Radio and TV stations
    2. Contacts Campus Security with information for signs if posted on campus doors, or whether to secure entrances, and/or guide exiting traffic as necessary.
    3. Notifies the Director of IT, who has the switchboard operator record a message on the main campus telephone system and contacts the Web Services Manager, who puts the message on the Lee College home page.
    4. Sends an all-users email, as appropriate.
    5. Calls satellite location managers, especially if their locations (only) are affected.
    6. Calls Athletic Director
    7. Calls Student Activities Coordinator who notifies leaders of student organizations who notify their membership.