Temporary Closings

Emergency Closures/Delayed Openings Procedure

The Dean of Strategic & Economic Development or her designee monitors status of the impending emergency. After collecting the information, the Dean of Strategic & Economic Development makes a decision. Employees are asked not to call the President’s Office.

Early morning decisions for delayed openings and/or all-day campus closures will be made by 5 a.m. Afternoon decisions for early, full, partial or specific location closures/evacuations will be made by 2 p.m. for evening classes.

The Dean of Strategic and Economic Development notifies the President, the Deans, the Executive Assistant to the President for Resource Development, and the Public Information Manager:

  1. The Deans and Executive Assistant to President for Resource Development begin the campus-wide process of calling department heads who are to call their lead people, who in turn call their section heads and so on until all full- and part-time employees/student workers are notified. Establishment and maintenance of calling system is the responsibility of each area.
  2. The Public Information Manager prepares and provides written/verbal statements(s) and:
    1. E-mails the Media: Radio and TV stations
    2. Contacts Campus Security with information for signs if posted on campus doors, or whether to secure entrances, and/or guide exiting traffic as necessary.
    3. Notifies the Director of IT, who has the switchboard operator record a message on the main campus telephone system and contacts the Web Services Manager, who puts the message on the Lee College home page.
    4. Sends an all-users e-mail, as appropriate.
    5. Calls satellite location managers, especially if their locations (only) are affected.
    6. Calls Athletic Director
    7. Calls Student Activities Coordinator who notifies leaders of student organizations who notify their membership.