PUENTE Project

Mentoring Program

Download the Puente Program brochure (PDF)

Download the Puente Program brochure (PDF)

We invite STEM professionals to be mentors to our STEM students. Below are some key points of the mentoring program:

  • Three-prong approach: English classes with Mexican American Cultural emphasis, a personal development class, and mentoring.
  • Role of mentor: Expose student to community and cultural environments, support the student’s academic career, and help spur personal growth.
  • How to become a mentor
    1. Complete an application.
    2. Attend a training in which guidelines, roles, and responsibilities are outlined and reviewed.
    3. A minimum of 9 hours per semester is asked of the mentor. This time could include attending Lee College events with the student(s), field trips, meeting for coffee, phone calls, etc.

If a one-on-one mentor relationship is too much for the individual but he/she still is interested in mentoring, we will have other opportunities — such as career panels, high-school speaking engagements, and other STEM events — for which such people could volunteer. Even in those instances, an application will be required, so that all relevant information will be in our database.