Guidelines for Testing

In order to ensure test integrity and adequate space for testing, the following guidelines have been established.

  1. Testing is available on a space-available basis. Students must schedule an appointment in advance to guarantee a testing time.  In addition to the date and time students wish to test, we also request the name of their instructor. Closing times of the Testing Center must be considered when beginning a test. Appointments may be scheduled in person or by calling the Counseling Center at 281.425.6384.
  2. The student should consult with their instructor to ensure that their test will be delivered to the Testing Center prior to their testing appointment. It is the responsibility of the instructor or divisional secretary to deliver and/or pick-up exams from the Testing Center. It is also the instructor’s responsibility to inform the student of testing procedures, time limitations and necessary aids for testing. Virtual College of Texas (VCT) students should confirm their exam has been received prior to their test date.
  3. Students are required to bring a PHOTO ID. Acceptable IDs include:
    • Current government issued ID (Driver’s License, DPS Photo ID, Military ID, Resident Alien Card, Passport, etc.)
    • College or university student ID with photo
    • High School ID with photo and name
  4. Students are responsible for bringing any materials necessary for testing, such as paper, pens, Scantron answer sheets, Bluebooks, calculators, etc.
  5. Cell phones, watches with alarms, or any other electronic device MUST be turned/powered OFF. Personal belongings such as purses, books, backpacks, etc., will be required to be placed at a designated location or under the desk. The only items that should be on the desk are the test, writing utensils, and approved testing materials.
  6. No food, drinks, or tobacco products are allowed in the Testing Center.
  7. We prefer that personal needs are taken care of before entering the Testing Center (personal phone calls, restroom, etc.). During testing, if necessary, using the restroom facility is allowed (unless otherwise stated from your instructor that it is not permitted). Cell phones will be required to be turned in to the testing staff during a restroom break. No other types of breaks are permitted during testing. Students are not allowed to leave the testing area.
  8. Students suspected of cheating will have testing materials collected and their behavior will be reported to the instructor of the class. Students who interfere with or disrupt testing operations may also be reported and be subjected to the College’s disciplinary rules and procedures.
  9. Talking, noise, or disturbances are not permitted during testing.
  10. The Testing Center is not responsible for the grading of the exams. Therefore, students should check with their instructor for test results.
  11. Students with disabilities needing special accommodations should contact the Disability Services counselor to arrange such services.
  12. No children are allowed, and they may not be left unattended during testing.