TSI Assessment

The TSI Assessment is a state-required test for all degree-seeking students entering a public college or university in Texas. It is used to identify your strengths and weaknesses in three areas: reading, writing, and math.

The assessment is computer adaptive. Test questions are based on your responses to previous question and will either increase or decrease in difficulty depending on how you respond. The majority of the test is in a multiple-choice format. An essay will also be required for most students. For this test, once you move on to the next question, you will not be allowed to go back to change your answers, so make sure you check your answer before moving on.

All sections of the TSI Assessment are untimed; however it is important that you allow yourself enough time to complete the test, since test results are a key factor in determining the course(s) you can enroll in. Since the test is adaptive, the length of the test will vary, but you should allow at least 60 minutes for each section. If you need all three parts, it is highly recommended that you take the test over several days to avoid fatigue and give yourself a better score. Results are available immediately following your test. If you are a student with a disability and feel you need accommodations, please contact the Counseling Center.