FAQ about Weekend College

Frequently asked Questions

Weekend College is a designated pathway toward completing an associate’s degree in several rapidly growing fields. It is designed to accommodate the unique needs of adult learners, whether they plan to enter college for the first time or to return after several years.

What type of classes does the Weekend College offer?

Preformatted block-scheduled classes in hybrid formats.

What is a hybrid format?

Hybrid is a blend of online and face-to-face classroom instruction.

What is the cost to attend Weekend College?

The cost is the same as traditional college.

Can you get Financial Aid?

Yes, Financial Aid is available for those who qualify: http://www.lee.edu/financialaid/applying/

Do you offer scholarships?

Lee College has a very generous Alumni and Endowment group that makes scholarships possible.
See the list of scholarships and how to apply: http://www.lee.edu/financialaid/types-of-aid/scholarships/

Does the Weekend College Program have job placement?

Students are encouraged to access the Career and Transfer Services Office as well as speaking to the Weekend College faculty who are career advisors.

I’ve attend Lee College before. Can I still participant in the Weekend College Program?

Yes, but you cannot have more than 18 credit hours toward the degree plan you choose.