Jobs with Harris County

I want to thank Gloria Smith, Harris County’s Human Resources employment specialist, for coming out on Saturday, Nov. 11, and speaking to our Weekend College students. As an employment specialist, she knows the ins and outs of the application process, and she shared them with our students.

Like most organizations, Harris County uses an electronic website and electronic application to fill job openings. If you are job hunting, I suggest that you keep a list of the company, your username, and your password. It is hard to remember all your usernames and passwords. Even if you start with the goal of using the same username and password for all sites, often each site will have its own requirements. Therefore, please keep a record of all your usernames and passwords. It will make your life a lot easier.

Harris County has lists its jobs here: I went to the website to check it out, and I saw that this is a listing of government jobs throughout the country. From reading Ms. Smith’s tips, my main takeaway was READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! If the instructions say to write a short answer to the supplemental question and you answer yes/no, your application will be immediately thrown out.

Here is a list of tips:

  1. Must meet the requirements for the position
  2. As long as the requirements are met, it does not matter where the skills come from (Example: If you worked as secretary and want a job in the maintenance department, you need to meet the requirements of the position)
  3. They do not care about gaps in employment
  4. Fully answer the supplemental questions
  5. Upload requested items; nothing more than the requested items
  6. They do not accept résumés (unless specifically requested)
  7. They do not ask for references
  8. Keep checking for updates. New job postings are made weekly (sometimes daily).
  9. If you are seeking a position or interested in a certain position that is not posted, you can opt to be contacted when a posting is made

These are great tips, and I thank Ms. Smith for sharing them with us. I also want to thanks Ms. Sharon and Brittany for organizing and setting up the event.

Students, if there is an agency, workshop, or topic that you interests you, please tell a Weekend College staff member. We want to bring in the resources that would be beneficial to you!