Just Keep Swimming

I would like to start this blog, my first blog of all time, with a shout out to our amazing Weekend College students. For most adults, Fridays indicate the start of fun and the start of time off; however, for our dedicated students, Friday nights are the beginning of job number two — being a college student. Even with Harvey causing some delays, confusion, and headaches to all, our Weekend College students successfully finished their first eight-week courses. In general, all of you did really well in your classes. I and the rest of the Weekend College instructors and staff recognize that going to school in addition to all your other responsibilities is difficult. We all admire your dedication and commitment to Weekend College and your own personal goals! Remember: Because of Harvey’s delay, you will only have seven face-to-face sessions with your instructors for the second eight-week session. Keep up the hard work!

Other Weekend College news: Registration for the spring 2018 semester is right here. All active Weekend College students should have received from Jessica, your College Completion Coach extraordinaire, an email and Remind Me text about Spring 2018 registration. Remember: If you are ever feeling overwhelmed or have a question about the college process, please reach out to Jessica or any Weekend College staff member. We want to help you. Every milestone — completing the first eight-week session, registering for the next semester — is one step closer to graduation. As Dory from Finding Nemo likes to say, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!”