History of Quality Matters Teaching Online Certificate

Within the First-in-the-World grant (FITW), money is designated for faculty professional development. With feedback from Dr. Tran (Vice President of Instruction), Dr. Lane-Worley (Coordinator of Distance Education), Dr. Chhetri (Instructional Designer), and Ms. Thompson-Falla (Interim Director of FITW Grant), it was decided that an intensive program to teach faculty the best practices of online teaching and support the implementation of these best practices of current hybrid/online Lee College courses would be a great professional-development opportunity. Because of the positive reviews about Quality Matters and the recommendation of the Distance Education Committee at Lee College, it was decided that the Quality Matters Teaching Online Certificate would be a good fit for Lee College. The faculty members who volunteered to participate would also be part of the new Community of Online Learning and Teaching at Lee. The goal is that faculty members will enhance their own hybrid/online courses and mentor other faculty members as they work on developing new hybrid/online courses.

Two cohorts have successfully progressed through the Quality Matters Teaching Online Certificate, which is a seven-workshop curriculum that spans 11 weeks. Each cohort consisted of approximately 20 faculty members and administrators at Lee College.

Cohort 1 (Fall 2017)
Ann Gray, Michael Woodson, Tom O’Kuma, Teresa Lattier, Channell Cook, Gregory Lattier, Charlotte Mueller, Laura Lane-Worley, Felicia Thomas, Jennifer Dunn, Karim Ouardi, Kathryn Hernandez, Mandy Mays, K-Leigh Villanueva, Monica Martinez, Rashmi Chhetri, Sharon Gabel, Sharon Guillory

Cohort 2 (Spring 2018)
Angy Ortiz Hernandez, Brian Gillespie, Cassandra Cookson, John Elliot, Cheryl Sheffield, JoLynn Salle, Dylan Howell, Karen Guthmiller, Evan Richards, Kellie Sartor, Graeme Cox, Lacey Guedry, Janet Rangel, Melanie Verner, Jeanine Burse, Rizza Atain-Martinez, Joe Ganakos, Sarah Tidwell, Valerie Lee Holland, Vicky Hart

In addition to taking the Quality Matters Teaching Online Certificate, the faculty members volunteered to have two separate individuals (currently myself — Monica Martinez, director of FITW Weekend College grant — and Dr. Chhetri) review their course and provide feedback. It is hoped that soon all hybrid/online courses will continually go through peer review and feedback and that all the reviewers will have the Quality Matters Teaching Online Certificate best practices as a guide. Thirteen courses have been reviewed, and faculty have received feedback.

With the No Cost Extension approved, we hope to run one more cohorts to allow approximately 20 more Lee faculty members to receive the Quality Matters Teaching Online Certificate.

Quotes from Lee College Faculty Members

“This opportunity gave me great ideas on how to better implement the course and become a better online/hybrid instructor.”

“I specifically liked two major aspects of the professional development opportunity of Quality Matters’ Teaching Certificate. First, this professional development provided up-to-date information about best practices and policies essential for students’ success in an online environment. Second, several workshops provided the opportunity to evaluate existing Lee College policies and to determine areas where the college and the distance education program need to improve.”

“I loved how in-depth the assignments were and how much evaluation was done on my course. I think everyone should join in on this opportunity.”

“It was very intense but so worthwhile. My favorite aspect was how we got to practically apply what we were learning.”