Mon-Thu 7:30 am-5:15 pm, Fri 7:30 am-12:30 pm

Kids at College

Lee College Kids at College program includes a wide variety of educational, creative, and athletic courses and camps designed for children ages 5 to 16. Community Education aims to offer hands on learning courses that make learning fun, enjoyable, and adventurous while creating a positive and productive learning environment. Most courses have limited space in an effort to maximize a great learning experience.

Summer classes include:

  • Athletic Camps
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Tennis
    • Bowling
  • Educational or Career Exploration Camps
    • Energy Venture
    • Horse Grooming
    • Drafting the Summer Away
  • Creative Camps
    • Creative Arts & Crafts
    • Crafts Camp 101
    • Ceramics – Lets Play with Clay
    • Art Extreme
    • Fashion Fun

Bring a friend! Find a course you like, and encourage a friend to join you. Sometimes two or three people make the difference between “go” and “cancel.”

Course offerings are subject to change due to enrollment, fees, or instructor availability.