Online Education

Lee College in partnership with Education 2 Go (Ed2Go) offers over 100 online education programs designed to provide professional skills required for many in-demand occupations. The flexibility of online courses makes it easy to begin now to achieve your goals. Upon completing your program with a passing score, you’ll get a certificate of completion from Lee College Center for Workforce & Community Development.

You must have the following basic computer skills to be a successful online student:

  • Ability to send an email both with and without an attachment.
  • Ability to type a URL directly into Web browser to go the specific website chosen to visit.
  • Ability to use a search tool (e.g., Google or Yahoo!) to search the Web for specific information.
  • Ability to open a word processor and use it to create, save, edit and print documents.
  • Ability to cut copy and paste items from one application to another.

Below is a list of the major categories, with hundreds of classes from which to choose.

Healthcare and Fitness
Business and Profession
IT and Software Development
Management and Corporate
Media and Design
Hospital and Service Industry
Skilled Trade and Industrial
Sustainable Energy
and Going Green
Career Online High School

For a complete listing of courses visit our website: