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Financial Assistance Application (PDF)

A seated older man holding a pen in a classroom setting.Installment payment plans require a Visa/MasterCard on file, 50 percent of the program fees, textbook costs (if not included in fee), and a non-refundable $20 installment charge at the time of registration.

Scholarships are now available for certain workforce related programs. Please call 281.425.6311 for more information.


Former Lee Scholarship

Awarded to a part-time student who is in good standing and has no outstanding debts to Lee College, and is a resident of the Lee College service area. Preference will be given to students in specific workforce training programs; if no appropriate student is eligible, then the scholarship will be awarded on the basis of financial need.

Workforce Foundation Scholarship

The Center for Workforce & Community Development offers Student Scholarships each quarter when funds are available. The scholarship awards funding toward the cost of one specific workforce training program up to a maximum of $750 and is competitive based on an essay. Non-degree seeking students (students not formally enrolled in a college credit class) age 17+ are eligible to apply. The student must be a part-time, non-credit student who is in good standing and has no outstanding debts to Lee College.
Employee Scholarship Program

To be eligible for this scholarship, course(s) must relate in a direct way to employee’s job function. After completion of this application and all approvals have been obtained, employee must return form to the Center for Workforce & Community Development and complete the registration form.

EnergyVenture Scholarships

Industry partners such as ExxonMobil, Chevron Phillips, Braskem, and Shell sponsor and provide funds for students interested in the Energy Venture camps at Lee College, an energy career orientation summer camp for young people which focus on careers in energy, environmental and safety issues, teamwork, alternative energy sources and math/ science. The student is required to write a one page thank you letter to their sponsor. The sponsors are invited to the last day of the camp, the camp celebration, and photographs will be taken with the College President and with the company representatives that contributed as scholarship underwriters.

ACCELERATE TEXAS Scaling and Sustaining Success in Integrated Basic Education and Workforce Training Programs Grant

Under this grant, training will be provided to individuals, eighteen years of age and older, who are native English speakers or English language learners whose skills fall below the secondary level. Eligible participants can receive funding for tuition and fees for specific workforce and healthcare training.

Foundation Scholarship

Beginning June 1, 2017, The Center for Workforce and Community Development will offer kids at college scholarships for specific camps. The scholarship awards half the funding towards the cost of one specific summer camp and is competitively based on an essay and at least a B average (80 or above) for the last quarter of the 2016-2017 academic year. All students that meet the age criteria for the specified camp and are currently enrolled in the camp are eligible to apply. Students must provide proof of grades (report card) when submitting the completed application and must be in good standing and have no outstanding debts to Lee College. The scholarship will be awarded after the camp has made; therefore, the tuition refund will be processed after the camp has started.