MLA in Word 2010

(Download this page as a printable PDF)

Setting up MLA

  • To OPEN Microsoft Word, click Start button.
    Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Word 2010
  • To change the MARGINS, click:
    Page Layout > Margins button > Normal (1” all around)
  • To set up your HEADER, click
    Insert > Page Number button > Top of Page
    Choose Plain Number 3 (This will right align your header & add an automatic page number.)
    Type your LAST Name in front of the Page Number. (Be sure to add a space between your name and page number!) Highlight your name and page number, and Click Home tab to change font to Times New Roman or Arial and 12 pt. size.
    Now, double click below blue dotted line to close header function.
  • To DOUBLE-SPACE your paper:
    Home tab > Paragraph group–right corner arrow> Line Spacing button > Click “double.” Go to spacing and set line spacing to 0 pt on Before and After.
    Check the box “Don’t add space between paragraphs.”
    Now, go to “Line and Page breaks” and uncheck “Widow/Orphan control. Check “okay.”
  • You are now ready to type your HEADING, which should be the first thing on your paper, in the top left corner. Choose Times New Roman or Arial font, 12 pt. You should type your first and last name, your instructor’s name, the title of the class with section, and the date. For example:

Joe Smith
Mr. Jones
English 1301
31 Jan. 2012

  • For your TITLE:
    Press ENTER once after the date. Click the “center align” button in the “paragraph” box, and then type your title. Do not embolden your title, underline, put in all caps or quotation marks.
  • To begin your PAPER:
    Press ENTER once more after typing your title. Click the Left Align button in “paragraph” box. Press TAB once on your keyboard, and you may begin writing your paper. SAVE!