College Goals

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Educational Plan – Goals & Outcomes

1 — Learner Success: Enable success among all learners.

1.1 — Improve persistence of all students to completion of their educational intent.

1.2 — Enrich learning through accessible and relevant experiences.

1.3 — Enhance student engagement through learner support.

2 — Employee Success: Model persistence, completion, and excellence in learning.

2.1 — Support professional development opportunities for faculty, staff, and administration.

2.2 — Recognize and reward employee excellence.

2.3 — Model safety in the work environment.

3 — Community Enrichment: Advocate cultural and economic diversity.

3.1 — Build bridges from education to employment.

3.2 — Make Lee College the preferred provider for training and workforce partnerships.

3.3 — Strengthen cultural initiatives that promote an enlightened community.

4 — Institutional Effectiveness: Foster a culture of adaptability and continuous improvement.

4.1 — Employ assessment processes that direct action for improvement.

4.2 — Foster transparency in data analysis and decision-making.

4.3 — Implement technology to effectively improve educational and operational processes and promote sustainability.