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Lee College does not mail grades to students. Use myLC Campus to retrieve your grades. We usually begin posting grades on the day after the last finals in a semester are given. Most grades are available to view by one week after the last final is given in a semester.

Lee College has a letter grading policy. Valid grades include A-F, P, and several types of W (withdrawal) grades. Numeric grades will not be computed or provided; high school students taking classes for dual credit should consult with their high school to determine the high school’s policy on interpreting letter grades for high school ranking.


Each letter grade has a point value depending upon the grade and the number of credits earned in the class. The grade point average takes the total of those grade or “quality” points and divides by the number of attempted credit hours in a semester.


Student completed two 3-credit classes in a term.

Grade for Class 1 = A (12 points)

Grade for Class 2 = C (6 points)

Total points = 18, divided by 6 credit hours attempted, equals a 3.00 GPA for that term. Cumulative GPA for the student is achieved by dividing all quality points for all semesters by all attempted hours.

Classes in which student earns an F grade generate no points, but the hours of those classes count as attempted. Classes in which a student earns a W grade generate no points and the hours do NOT count as attempted.

See the Lee College Catalog for more information on grades.