Coaches: Russell Bundage

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Russell Bundage is an assistant coach for the Lee College men's basketball team. Bundage served three years as a high school assistant coach. He simultaneously molded young athletes at Westbury Christian (one year) and at Northland Christian (two years). In the 2015-2016 basketball season, Bundage was named head boy's national team basketball coach at Planet Athlete Academy in Phoenix, Ariz. Shortly before that honor, Bundage enjoyed a year as an assistant coach for the ABA Sugarland Legends.

During his time at Northland Christian, the Wildcats advanced to the TAPPS 4A state finals. Bundage's efforts at Westbury Christian helped lead the team to its regional finals.

Bundage hopes to use his academic efforts to lead the young athletes with whom he works. He received his master's degree in sports administration from Concordia University in Austin in =2019. Bundage's bachelor's degree is in business management, which he earned at Texas Southern University. Bundage began his academic trajectory as a 2002 graduate of Baytown's Robert E. Lee High School.