Examples of Behaviors to Report

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For an immediate threat or emergency, call Lee College Security (281.425.6888) or dial 9-1-1.

The Behavioral Intervention Team provides proactive assistance to students who are exhibiting concerning behaviors, both to support students and assist our faculty and staff.

Reportable Behaviors

In general, the following behaviors are those that may warrant a report to the Behavioral Intervention Team

  • Self-injurious behavior (Suicidal ideation/attempt, cutting behavior, dangerous alcohol/substance abuse consumption, etc.)
  • Disruptive behavior that violates campus community safety (homicidal threats, stalking, assault, cyber bullying, carrying weapons, etc.)
  • Unusual behavior (changes in personality, depressive symptoms, shifts in mood, unexplained irritability and/or lethargy, hopelessness, etc.)

A list of possible types of behaviors or actions that should be reported can be found below. Reporters are expected to use their judgment as to what is reportable, erring on the side of over-reporting if in doubt. For example, if an incident may seem minor, but other similar incidents occur in proximity, they may indicate a pattern not visible to the witness of a single incident.

  • Extreme rudeness or insubordination to college staff, faculty or administrators
  • Classroom disruption (outside minor classroom management issues)
  • All violations of the student code of conduct
  • Drunkenness / inebriation in the classroom
  • Threatening words or actions
  • Writings that convey clear intentions to harm self or others
  • Observed self-injurious behavior, such as cutting, burning, etc.
  • Online postings that are threatening in Facebook, MySpace, RateMyProfessor
  • Excessive class absenteeism
  • Suicidal tendencies, including threats (I am going to kill myself), gestures (erasing one's hard drive), ideation (I've always thought about killing myself by jumping off a cliff), or attempts
  • Acts motivated by hatred or discrimination
  • Stalking
  • Relationship violence (even if the victim doesn't want you to tell, unless the information is conveyed to you in a privileged relationship)
  • Hazing
  • Flat affect or extreme lack of responsiveness
  • "Accidental" overdose
  • Disappearances, kidnappings or missing persons
  • Harassment
  • Alarming references to bombs, ammunition or weapons
  • Alarming infatuation with fire or firearms