Frequently Asked Questions

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About the BIT

What is the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)?
What the BIT is not
What should I do if I think someone is in immediate danger either to themselves or someone else (e.g., potentially suicidal or threatening someone)?
Should I approach the student first?
What should I report?
What are some examples of situations that should be reported to BIT?
What if I'm not sure if I should report the concern?
Who can submit a report?
How do I report concerning behaviors?
Can I submit a report anonymously?
Will the student know that I am the person who reported her/him to BIT?
How will I know that the situation has been addressed?
What happens to a student once they have been referred to BIT?
How will I know what happens after I make the referral?
What about confidentiality and FERPA?
What if I had a question not answered above, what should I do?