Post a Job Opening

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We can provide assistance with locating quality help by connecting you with students and alumni seeking summer, seasonal, part-time, full-time, and internship opportunities. Jobs are posted on our Job Board in Moler Hall, as well as on our online job database, Rebel Job Link ( All postings are free for employers.

In addition, there are several methods of posting job opening information with our office. Complete and submit the Job Posting Form via fax or email, contact and register with our office by phone at 832.556.4013 or you may use the Lee College Rebel Job Link to create a company profile and post your opening at

How to Register as a New User

  • Follow the instructions mentioned above detailing how new users can to log in.
  • After clicking “First-Time Users Click Here to Register,” you will see the FIND EMPLOYER SCREEN. Type the name of your company in the “Find Your Organization” field. If the company is already entered in our system, select the correct company and continue creating a new contact profile. If your company is not in our system, click “Can’t Find Organization” and continue entering the company and contact person information.
  • Most new users are prompted to complete two, brief profile sections before submitting your registration. The EMPLOYER PROFILE SECTION contains information describing the company or organization. The CONTACT PROFILE SECTION contains information about the contact person within that company or organization.
  • To edit information in the profile sections, click “Edit” on the top left of each box. Be sure to click “Save” after you have entered your information.
  • After completing both profile sections, click the “Register” button to forward your new account to our office for approval. In the meantime, you will see the home page for Rebel Job Link and can start entering your job postings.

Internships … Building Blocks to a Successful Program

Internships are a wonderful win-win solution for Employers and Students that is growing in popularity. Employers who hire for these positions gain both high quality temporary help and a pipeline of less “green” new candidates. Students work in career-related positions which give them the experience and career direction they need to be successful. Everybody wins!

What is an Internship?

An internship is a structured and supervised career-related, credit bearing experience that promotes the integration of classroom theory and practice in the workplace. These are temporary positions that provide training for a future career. Internships in the fall and spring are part-time and can be anywhere from 8-40 hours per week. Ten to 15 hours is typical. Summer Internships are longer and full time. Internships can be paid or unpaid however; paid internships are the most attractive option for students. If you are unable to provide a salary, consider helping the student with internship-related expenses and/or scholarships.