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Transfer Services at Lee College is here to assist you in your journey into higher education. If you are planning on transferring to a university once you have completed your degree or prerequisites at Lee College, stop by the Career and Transfer Services office to schedule an appointment with the transfer coach. Transfer Services is here to assist with any aspect of the planning process, from exploring different university options, to walking through the application process. Get in touch with your transfer coach today!

What does Transfer Services do?

  • Bring university representatives from transfer institutions on campus for tabling and information sessions. There are typically one to two university representatives on campus each week.
  • Take students on group trips to a selected university each month. Campus visits are typically scheduled on the last Friday of each month.
  • Send out regular updates on different transfer events and information through a virtual Transfer Services classroom on BlackBoard.
  • Put on various transfer events.
  • Provide 1-to-1 meetings to answer questions about transfer such as admission requirements, how credits transfer, the application process, etc. It is recommend to schedule an appointment time with your transfer coach. Appointments are available on a walk-in basis based on availability.

What is the Transfer Process?

We strongly encourage you to meet with your Lee College transfer coach and Academic Advisor each semester to ensure you are on track for successful transfer. Discuss transfer admission processes, see how your Lee College courses transfer to various universities, and ensure that you are getting access to the right resources and contacts at your desired transfer institution.

Not sure who your Academic Advisor is?

The Transfer Process

General Overview of the Transfer Process
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Transfer Tips
What to Look for When Transferring

Looking to transfer to a university in Texas?

Don't see the university you are interested in transferring to on this list? Contact Lee College's transfer coach for more information on your desired school!

Here are some of the common universities in Texas.

University of Texas System