Statement of Conduct

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WHEREAS, we, as leadership of Lee College and as individuals dedicated to the profession of student financial aid administration, commend the NASFAA Board of Directors for their diligent work in expanding upon NASFAA’s Statement of Ethical Principles in regard to members’ ethical behavior and potential conflicts of interest,

WHEREAS, we continue to strive to serve as an example of highest ethical standards in our state,

WHEREAS, we continue to affirm that our primary focus is providing accurate and timely information on the student aid process to our enrolled and prospective students as well as in the actual processing of that aid,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Lee College Financial Aid Office:

  • Shall encourage all Lee College financial aid professionals, to become familiar with NASFAA’s Statement of Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct for Institutional Financial Aid Professionals and apply it as appropriate in accordance with their own employer’s conflict of interest policies.
  • Shall adhere to the Code of Conduct for College Employees and Statement of Ethics as found in the Lee College Employee Handbook Statement of Ethics – It is the policy of the College District to apply the highest ethical standards to all members of the College community including the Board of Regents, administration, staff, and faculty in achieving its mission and in managing its resources efficiently and effectively to reach its goals and objectives. The College District shall include a code of ethics for Board members, administration, staff, and faculty in its Policy Manual.
  • Code of Ethics for College Employees – The College District seeks to treat each person of the College community as a unique individual and provide a positive, encouraging, and success-oriented environment. College District policies and practices that protect the rights and development of each individual in the College community shall be enforced. Protection from unlawful discrimination, including conduct that constitutes sexual harassment and freedom to develop as a student and/or College employee shall be promoted.
  • The College District accepts its responsibilities to its students, to its employees, and to the members of the community. The College District is committed to meet these responsibilities with balance, fairness, accountability, and ethical integrity.
  • This code shall include but not be limited to the following rules:Lee College will certify any Federal Family Education Loan (Stafford Loans and PLUS loans) for any lender provided the student and/or parent meets all eligibility requirements. Lee College financial aid representatives will inform students which lenders work with us electronically and a certification form will be completed for any other loan.
  • Lee College will not solicit any gifts, services as a college employee or incentives from student loan lenders on behalf of the college or our students. Lee College employees and officers are forbidden from participating in any lender advisory councils although we are allowed to respond to calls of advice or inquiries regarding products or services. Lee College employees and officers are forbidden from purchasing stock in a company participating in student loans. Lee College will continue to review future legislation and guidance from governmental agencies and professional associations and will update the code of conduct as needed.

A Resolution of Ethical Conduct

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