Student Permissions

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After You Have Been Awarded

  • Read your award letter.
  • Go to myLC Campus account
  • Do your Student Permission (scroll down for instructions). If you choose not to accept the acknowledgement, please notify us in writing.
  • Select your refund preference using your myLC Campus account. In the Finances section under MY ACCOUNT, click on Manage Refund.
  • View our institution’s contract with BankMobile, a division of Customer Bank:
  • Ensure that you are only taking classes that apply to your degree plan (as listed in the Admissions Office records) in the Lee College catalog.

NOTE: This award is based on being a full-time student which is 12 semester credit hours (usually four classes). If your schedule does not allow you to be a full-time student, your award can be adjusted. It’s better to take less and be successful.


Step 1:

  • Log in to myLC Campus
  • View your financial aid
  • Click on current year

Step 2: ONLY If you have other Financial Aid:

  • Report Other Financial Aid
  • Click current year
  • Click Add Another Award (Report Additional Aid)
  • Add it, then click Add/Save

Step 3: If you have no other Financial Aid:

  • Click Home
  • Click “Aid Acknowledgement”
  • Click “Grant Permissions,” then click Submit

(Repeat this for each permission form)

To view the refund schedule, go to (Scroll down and click on current semester.)

Contact us: or 281.425.6389.