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Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)

JBH 124

Rashmi Chhetri is the manager of the CTE Hyperstruction Studio. She is responsible for coaching faculty members to effectively use technology in a variety of instructional settings. Professional development methods offered include aiding faculty in course design, technology uses, student engagement, and varied instructional delivery methods including traditional, online, and blended. Please offer any specific topics that you would like to see presented (these do not have to be technology intensive or related to STEM).

Contact Rashmi Chhetri, Instructional Design Specialist at 832.556.4042 or, JBH 124.

The mission of the Center for Teaching Excellence is to inspire and enable faculty to enhance teaching effectiveness so that students successfully achieve desired learning outcomes and steadily increase in persistence. The CTE uses a collaborative and learning centered approach, where faculty are encouraged to implement new active learning teaching techniques and technologies into the classroom in a non-threatening atmosphere.

Training Tutorials

Short tutorials to refresh your basic Blackboard training.

Instructions: To start the presentations, open the slideshow, and click “Start from Beginning” to launch.

  1. How to Access Your Course Online (2:30 — PowerPoint)
  2. Basic Course Overview (3:50 — PowerPoint)
  3. Using the Control Panel (PowerPoint)

List of YouTube Tutorials for Faculty:

Faculty Videos:

YouTube Tutorials for Students:


Spring Online Certification Course 2016

Fall Course (Online) Date: March 21-May 1

Unit 1: Preparing for Online Instruction
Unit 2: Learning Outcomes
Unit 3: Course Design
Unit 4: Rubrics
Unit 5: Finalizing the Product


Attendance Tool in Blackboard (PDF)
Allowing Pop-ups in Chrome (PDF)
Allowing Pop-ups in Firefox (PDF)
Creating Your Blank Shell in Blackboard (PDF)
Copying Your Gradebook from One Semester to Another (PDF)

Continuing Education

MOOC Course Locations for Continuing Education (PDF)

Magna Campus 20-Minute Mentor Access:

We have access to the 20-Minute Mentor through your Blackboard account.

You will find it in your Faculty Resources course.

Click on Course Content.

Locate the icon and Magna.

View the following in Firefox (It does not work properly in Internet Explorer).
Here’s a tutorial on YouTube: Magna Campus: