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SharePoint Intranet Portal

The Lee College System has implemented a secure intranet solution based on Microsoft Office SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint logoEmployee Portal This is the campus' SharePoint Intranet portal where most of the internal collaboration and communication take place between the various departments. The authorized employees are allowed to share documents, calendar events, announcements, and useful Internet links. If you have any questions please contact to Microsoft SharePoint Portal Administrator/Developer Shital Parikh at or call at 281.425.6215.

What is an intranet, as opposed to the Internet?

The Internet provides open access, in most cases, for anyone, anywhere, at any time to a particular website; whereas an intranet site is a “members only” club.

In our case, our intranet site is a closed site accessible to only those of us who have employee portal login accessibility. In other words, when you attempt to access this site, you’ll be challenged to enter your Lee College employee username and password. Like all Internet sites, an intranet site is also accessed through a Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, and others. Portal login windowTo access our intranet site, you must enter the Uniform Resource Locator code into a browser’s URL address box from any computer attached to our wide area network or to the Internet.

When you attempt to access this site, you’ll first see a login window:

Your user name should be entered in the form of your Lee College’s email address. You use both the user name and password each day to startup your computer at work. Once you successfully enter your user name and password, the SharePoint intranet home page will be displayed.

The employee intranet portal is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari Web browsers. Check browser support.

View of employee portal home page

SharePoint is the platform on which our intranet is built. SharePoint is all about collaboration and sharing resources. In other words, it’s “about us, for us.” It is to be essentially a portal to all our information resources.

What can we expect to find in SharePoint?

The answer is simple: anything and everything. This includes Announcements, Calendars, Office documents, PowerPoint presentations, streaming video, pictures, reports, and links to other applications, to name a few. Think of SharePoint as our “Information Resources Mall.” Everything is under one roof, but the trick is knowing where to shop, right?

Let’s take a minute and look at how information in SharePoint is organized. SharePoint is made up of sites, workspaces, and Web parts, to put it in the simplest form. Look at the home page above, and you’ll see a “Ribbons/Tabs” area that has several entries (such as Home, Department/Divisions, Directory, Employee Portal, Oracle PeopleSoft Documentation, Research Reports, and Help.) Each of these ribbon entries (or tabs) represents a site.

The home page (Employee Portal), for example, is a site. Within each site are one or more subsites. Each of these pages constitutes a workspace. Within each workspace there are one or more Web parts. A Web part (sometimes referred to as a portlet or user interface) is a freestanding section of a site or workspace, which contains its own unique characteristics.