Online Reporting

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To assist students, Lee College has designated employees and resources to help maintain its professional standards across campus and to provide appropriate responses to our students' needs, complaints, or concerns. By selecting a category below, you can submit a report to help address those needs or to initiate the process.

The CARES Team

The Lee College CARES Team (formerly the Behavioral Intervention Team) is committed to the well-being of all members of the campus community. It has been developed to provide guidance for students, staff members, and faculty members, regarding how to seek assistance and report students of concern. By completing this online form, a referral is submitted so that support can be provided. More information can be found at or by contacting Rosemary Coffman at

Title IX – Sexual Misconduct

We will continue to offer support to anyone reporting any type of sexual misconduct that violates our Title IX policy. With new state rules, all reports of sexual misconduct that is brought to your attention, must be reported to the College. In addition to notifying one of the Title IX Coordinators. This link can be given to students or employees to report an incident. For more information, you can contact one of the two coordinators — Rosemary Coffman for student issues ( or Amanda Summers for employee issues (

General Complaint Form

Lee College is here to assist you with any issue or concern that impedes the work and/or learning environment within our campus community. This report should be completed with concerns involving a college process or to report behavior of an employee or other student that goes against the college's professional standards.

Bias / Discrimination Report Form

Bias is defined as an intentional or unintentional display of hostility or bigotry in word or deed that a reasonable person would conclude is directed at a member of the Lee College community based on race, national origin, religion, citizenship, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or past or present service in the military. We encourage you to report any incidents that negatively impact our campus community. For additional support and information, contact Jo Greathouse at

Complaints to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Students have the right to submit complaints to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (the Agency).

The student complaint form is available on the Agency's website (accessed 11/21/2021). All complaints must be submitted to the Agency on the student complaint form. Complainants shall submit student complaint forms through the online process provided on the agency's website (accessed 11/21/2021), by electronic mail (email) to, or by hard copy sent to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Office of General Counsel, P.O. Box 12788, Austin, Texas 78711-2788.

Once the Agency receives a student complaint form, the Agency may refer the complaint to another agency or entity.

If a student complaint form concerns compliance with the statutes and regulations that the Agency administers and the Agency has not referred the complaint to another entity, the Agency will initiate an investigation.

During the investigation of a student complaint, Agency staff shall, in appropriate cases, attempt to facilitate an informal resolution to the complaint that is mutually satisfactory to the complainant and institution.

In cases in which an informal resolution between the complainant and institution is not feasible, Agency staff shall evaluate the results of the investigation of the student complaint and recommend a course of action to the Commissioner.

After receiving the Agency staff's recommendation, the Commissioner shall consider the recommendation regarding the complaint and render a written determination thereon.

Full information about the complaint procedure is available on the Texas Secretary of State's website (accessed 11/21/2021).