Nursing Vocational Program

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The purpose of the Voca­tional Nurs­ing Pro­gram is to prepare indivi­duals to use a system­atic prob­lem-solv­ing process to func­tion within the nurse’s legal and ethical scope of prac­tice while safely pro­viding quality care and demon­strate the Differ­enti­ated Essen­tial Competen­cies of Gradu­ates of Texas Nur­sing Pro­grams (DECs). The Voca­tional Nur­sing Pro­gram is accredi­ted by the Texas Board of Nursing (BON).

Students are re­quired to apply to Lee College before apply­ing to the nurs­ing program. Stu­dents are respon­sible for furn­ishing offi­cial tran­script(s) to the Admis­sions and Records Office. Nursing applic­ant tran­scripts are evalu­ated during the appli­cation and selec­tion process. Students who have foreign tran­scripts should plan exten­ded time for tran­script evalua­tion.

A copy of a state-ac­credited high school tran­script with the gradua­tion date or GED certi­ficate is required to be attached to your Nursing appli­cation before the candidate review. Foreign high school tran­scripts must be eval­uated for U.S. high school equival­ency.

Appli­cations for the VN program are avail­able online at Deadlines and details of the appli­cation process and admis­sion require­ments are listed on the Nursing application.

What Will I Learn?

Vocational nursing students will learn:

  • How to assist physicians and RNs
  • How to administer medication
  • How to perform EKGs
  • Phlebotomy
  • Taking vital signs
  • Data collection
  • Inserting Foley catheters Inserting
  • Nasogastric tubes
  • How to monitor IV infusions
What Can I Do with This Course of Study?
Degrees and Certificates
Vocational Nursing - VN1, Certificate of Completion
US Department of Education regulation related to professional licensure