Nursing Vocational Program

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The purpose of the Vocational Nursing Program is to prepare individuals to use a systematic problem-solving process to function within the nurse’s legal and ethical scope of practice while safely providing quality care and demonstrate the Differentiated Essential Competencies of Graduates of Texas Nursing Programs (DECs). The Vocational Nursing Program is accredited by the Texas Board of Nursing (BON).

Students are required to apply to Lee College before applying to the nursing program. Students are responsible for furnishing official transcript(s) to the Admissions and Records Office. Nursing applicant transcripts are evaluated during the application and selection process. Students who have foreign transcripts should plan extended time for transcript evaluation.

A copy of a state-accredited high school transcript with the graduation date or GED certificate is required to be attached to your Nursing application before the candidate review. Foreign high school transcripts must be evaluated for U.S. high school equivalency.

Applications for the VN program are available online at Deadlines and details of the application process and admission requirements are listed on the Nursing application.

What Will I Learn?

Vocational nursing students will learn:

  • How to assist physicians and RNs
  • How to administer medication
  • How to perform EKGs
  • Phlebotomy
  • Taking vital signs
  • Data collection
  • Inserting Foley catheters Inserting
  • Nasogastric tubes
  • How to monitor IV infusions
What Can I Do with This Course of Study?
Degrees and Certificates
Vocational Nursing - VN1, Certificate of Completion
US Department of Education regulation related to professional licensure