Project LeeWay

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Project LeeWay is designed to promote and facilitate access to technical education through student-centered services which promote equity, foster success, and contribute to the economic independence of students who are members of special populations. The program is funded by the Carl D. Perkins grant.

Special Populations Student Groups

TEXAS Genuine - Career and Technical EducationEconomically Disadvantaged: Students who are Pell Grant recipients or who are receiving federal assistance, such as food stamps and/or Medicaid.

Non-Traditional Program: Students enrolled in a program of study that leads to occupations or fields that have 25 percent or less of their sex employed within the occupation.

Non-Traditional Technical Programs by Sex

Students with Disabilities: Students with a physical or mental impairment that could substantially limit one or more major life activities.

Displaced Homemakers: Students who have worked without pay to care for a home and/or family and who for that reason have diminished marketable skills and have been dependent on the income of another family member, but who is no longer supported by that income.

Limited English Proficiency: Students with a language other than English as their first or primary language.

Single Parents, Including Single, Pregnant Women: students who have the primary or joint custody of a dependent child. May be divorced, widowed, legally separated, or never married.

Services Provided

Project Leeway services are available to meet the needs of qualifying students. Services include:


Eligible students must be working toward a technical degree or certificate, and must be eligible on the basis of income determination. Former and current students of the Project Leeway Quick Start class receive first priority; otherwise assistance is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications are available preceding each semester.


A lending library of current textbooks is available to eligible technical students who may have applied late for a Pell Grant. Books are due at the end of each semester.

Visit the Textbook Lending page


As funding is available, our office may be able to assist eligible technical students with gas cards or transit bus tickets for emergency transportation issues.

Transportation Assistance Application Form


A small food supply is available for all current Lee College students in need. Food is donated by students and employees of Lee College and the community.


Our office keeps an up-to-date list of community resources available for all Lee College students.

Do you have questions? Contact:

Brenda Garcia
Project Leeway Secretary
Lee College Main Campus
Moler Hall, Room 112 (Map)