Common Dual Credit Courses

Academic Courses Technical Programs
BIOL 1406/1407 Computer Maintenance Technology
CHEM 1411/1412 Computer Science
ECON 2301/2302 Construction Engineering Technology
ENGL 1301/1302 Cosmetology
ENVR 1401/1402 Criminal Justice
GOVT 2301/2302 Drafting Technology
HIST 1301/1302 Electrical Technology
HIST 2321/2322 Instrumentation Technology
KINE 1304/1305 Piping Technology
MATH 1414 The ExxonMobil Process Technology Program
PHYS 1401/1402 Professional Office Technology
PSYC 2301 Welding
SOCI 1301
SPCH 1315


NOTE: Some college-level courses contain subject matter that is of an adult nature.