Student Complaints and Grievances

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Lee College is here to assist students with any issue or concern that impedes the learning environment within our campus community.

To assist students, the college has designated employees and resources to help maintain our professional standards across campus and to provide appropriate responses to our students' complaints and concerns.

Students with complaints are encouraged to report through an online reporting form ( The three areas for student complaints include:

  • General Complaints — These include both instructional and non-instructional issues (see below for more information).
  • Title IX / Sexual Misconduct complaints — If you have been impacted by any type of sexual harassment or sexual violence, you are encouraged to report this to the Title IX Coordinator. More information on this reporting process can be found at
  • Bias/Discrimination Complaints — For those who have been the target of a bias incident (or have witnessed a bias incident), may complete the online report form so that the college will be aware and can investigate. With this report, you have the option to remain anonymous.

More information, including specific procedures, can be found in the Lee College Catalog.