Game Design

• GAD1, GAS1 (Certificates of Completion)

Program Brochure (PDF)

This program is designed to provide a well-rounded, fundamental and application-oriented education focused on the knowledge of existing and new developments in Digital Game Technology.

The student will acquire knowledge of the basic digital gaming and simulation industries and markets, and the programming, graphic arts, animation, and storyboarding skills required to create the games. Students will be required to develop necessary teamwork skills to fulfill the capstone requirement. With additional training and experience, individuals can increase their potential for advancement.

The skills built within this program can lead not only to jobs in the digital gaming industry, but after work experience in the game industry and completion of a four-year degree in computer science, multimedia animation or art, the student could be qualified for other crossover careers including such career opportunities as: Computer Programmer, Computer Systems Analyst, Software Engineer, Multimedia Artist and Animator, and Graphic Artist.

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Suzanne Nordhaus