• PA2 (AAS), PA1 (Certificate of Completion)

Spring 2020 Schedule

Paralegals (also known as “legal assistants”) work under the supervision of an attorney and assist in the delivery of legal services.

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Program Brochure

Paralegals do substantive legal work the supervising attorney would otherwise do; however, the paralegal is not an attorney. A paralegal generally may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.

Paralegals perform such functions as:

  • Interviewing clients and witnesses
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Conducting legal research
  • Accompanying the attorney to court hearings

Paralegals work in a variety of settings, including:

  • Law offices
  • Government agencies
  • Community legal services programs
  • Corporate offices
  • Consumer organizations

Paralegals must have excellent reading, writing and speaking skills, the ability to think logically, and the integrity to uphold the high ethical standards of the legal profession.

Online Classes for Fall 2019

  • LGLA 1307 Introduction to Law and the Legal Professions
  • LGLA 1219 Paralegal Ethics
  • LGLA 1351 Contracts

Registration ends August 23. Classes begin August 26.


Learning Objectives

  • The successful student will produce transactional and litigation documents of acceptable quality as determined using a grading rubric.
  • The successful student will demonstrate knowledge of court system organization and the litigation process.
  • The successful student will demonstrate an understanding of the principles of ethical practice when given hypothetical scenarios.

Contact Info

David Jaroszewski
Director of Paralegal Studies Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lee College Paralegal Studies Program is to:

  • Deliver to students an affordable associate degree education, with quality training in the tasks of a legal assistant,
  • Provide the legal community a pool of prospective employees competent to assist in the delivery of legal services to clients, and
  • Enhance the community at large with an educated and enlightened citizenry.

Paralegal Quick Facts

Average hourly wage, Gulf Coast: $27/hr.
(Source: Texas Workforce Commission)

Education: Associate degree

Work environment: Law firms, corporate law departments, banks, insurance companies, criminal justice system. Graduates have skills that are attractive to employers outside of the legal field.

Job description:

  • Interview clients and witnesses
  • Draft legal documents
  • Conduct legal research
  • Assist attorneys at court hearings