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>> REQUEST JOBS by using this printable form. You can use the TRAC system later to reference current or past jobs. Here is a printable form for business card requests.
(Explanation and help) pricing/quotes available via email to James Grammer.

Ricoh logoIf sending form electronically, please be sure to manually attach the completed form to the email that you send to James Grammer, Ricoh site manager. DO NOT use the “Submit” button in Acrobat. If you have any questions, please email James Grammer or call 832.556.4067.

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We CANNOT start your job without the correctly completed print request form.

If you do not have an electronic version of your job, you may still submit the hard copy along with a completed print request form per the usual method.

• The print request form is what is actually used to bill your department.
• TRAC allows you to see the progress of your job and the amount that will be charged.

That completed print request form, plus the electronic file of what you would like to be printed (preferably in PDF format) can then be submitted using TRAC. When you are uploading the files to TRAC, you do not have to fill out all of the fields.

We will take your print request form and use that to fill in TRAC for you.