Contact Summary

Problem Area Primary Agency / Person Responsible On-Campus Telephone Off-Campus Telephone
Bomb Threat Switchboard 0-Operator 281.427.5611
Car Trouble Security Services 6888 281.683.1449
Environmental Spills Baytown Fire Dept. 9.911 911
Fire Baytown Fire Dept. 9.911 911
General Medical EMS 9.911 911
Hurricane/Flood Dean of Administrative Services 6348 281.683.1449
Life Threatening Emergency Medical Services (EMS) 9.911, then call 6888 911, then call 281.683.1449
Heat Stroke
Heart Attack
Sexual Assault/Assault
Maintenance-Related Maintenance Foreman 6489/6490 281.683.1449
Sewer / Water
Student/Non-Student Dean of Student Development / Institutional Planning 6400 281.683.1449
Tornadoes Dean of Administrative Services 6348 281.683.1449
Vehicle Accident Security 6888 281.683.1449
Locking and Unlocking Doors Security 6888 281.683.1449

NOTE 1: All campus buildings have red emergency phones installed in the hallways. If you cannot get to an office phone, use one of the red emergency telephones. Simply pick up the phone. No dialing is required. Tell the security officer the nature of the problem, and assistance will be rendered. Blue-light phones in the parking lots can be used, as well.

NOTE 2: Announcements regarding the operation of the college will be made on radio and TV stations. Refer to the Temporary Closings section of the handbook for details.