Drug & Alcohol Abuse Policy

  1. Dangers in the Workplace and on Campus
    Federal sources indicate that there are millions of employees whose performance and productivity are affected by the use and dependence on drugs or alcohol. Ninety-five percent of the companies in the United States report direct experience with substance abuse according to a 1986 Marquette University survey. This is up from 50% in 1976 and 82% in 1981. Estimates indicate that 70% of the working population and some 90% of college students have consumed mood altering chemicals of some type. The estimated cost to the United States economy ranges between 26 billion to a high of 60 billion dollars annually. Alcohol abuse ranks first in hospitalization losses with cocaine abuse ranking second. The highest drug using segment of the American workforce is the young adult, those in the 20-40 year old population.
  2. Health Risks
    The abuse of drugs and alcohol can lead to a variety of serious consequences including poor academic and work performance, poor decision making, poor morale, work errors, wasted time and materials, damage to equipment, theft, tardiness,absenteeism, accidents which injure the drug abuser, accidents which put all employees and students at risk of injury, and may lead to disciplinary action, prosecution, illness and even death. Abusers of these substances experience depression,isolation, loss of memory, loss of coordination, impaired judgment, reduced morale, anxiety, paranoia and loss of self respect.
  3. Philosophy
    In order to offer students an optimum environment which promotes and secures educational success and which offers a workplace for employees to provide a major role in the realization of the success of others on campus, Lee College has adopted and implemented a program to prevent unlawful manufacture, possession, use, and distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees. Such conduct is not consistent with the behavior expected of members of the college community. In addition, Lee College is committed to enforcing the provisions of the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989. It is further the intent of Lee College for aspects of the policy to be applied to campus activities and all college sponsored events whether held on or off campus. Persons who violate Lee College policy will be subject to disciplinary action.
  4. Policy
    It is the policy of Lee College that illicit drug use, including the manufacture, sale, distribution, possession or use, is prohibited in the workplace, on the campus, or as part of any college activities.
  5. Penalties for Violation of the Policy
    Since Lee College policy prohibits the unlawful possession, use or distribution of illegal drugs and alcohol on the campus and at college sponsored events held off campus, therefore any employee admitting to or convicted of such unlawful possession, use or distribution of these substances will be subject to disciplinary action (up to and including suspension without pay, and termination), may be required to satisfactorily participate in a drug and alcohol assistance or rehabilitation program or may be referred for prosecution. Any student admitting to or proven to have violated the policies against the possession, use or dispensing of illegal drugs and/or alcohol at either college sponsored events off campus or on campus will be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the “Student College Policies Regarding Student Conduct.” Additional information can be received by calling either the Human Resource Office at Lee College (281.425.6533) or the Dean of Student Development and Institutional Planning (281.425.6400). Further information is also provided in the Lee College Board of Regents Policy Manual sections FLBE (Local), GF (Local), DH (Local) and Schedules I through V of Section 202of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 812) and further defined by regulations 21 CFR 1300.11 through 1300.15 and as defined in the Texas controlled substances act.
  6. Assistance Programs
    Lee College Human Resource Office and Counseling Center offer the following services to students and employees who are interested in having assistance regarding this issue of drug and alcohol abuse:

    1. Information: Lee College Counseling Center staff are interested in assisting all college community members regarding the availability of drug and alcohol abuse assistance. The Human Resource Office at Lee College will assist college employees with information concerning insurance coverage, treatment centers, hospitals, and mutual help organizations. The Counseling Center maintains a collection of resource materials pertinent to nearly all issues associated with the drug and alcohol issue.
    2. Referral: Both the Human Resource Office and Counseling Center are able to give a list of both private and public hospitals, mutual help organizations, public treatment centers and private drug treatment practitioners. Referrals for other drug information and assistance can be made to other agencies and service providers.
    3. Mutual Help Groups: Individuals are assisted in locating area help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon. Interested persons can call the Counseling Center in Moler Hall at 281.425.6384 or the Human Resource Office (909 Decker Drive) at 281.425.6533 or go by those offices.
  7. Compliance with the Policy
    The Lee College Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy is supported by a drug free awareness and alcohol abuse awareness program available to both employees and students. Specific reporting items are applicable to all persons employed on federal contracts and grants. In order to comply with the requirements of the Act, Lee College supports employees and students in the following manner:

    1. Since Lee College is a grantee (recipient of both federal grants and its students are recipients of direct grant monies) of federal contracts and grants, the college is required to notify the federal agency within ten (10) days of learning that an employee has been convicted of a drug offense. If the college is remiss in this notification it runs the risk of not only losing future federal support, but also may be required to repay all federal financial assistance if it is found to be in violation of the Act.
    2. Lee College will inform both students and employees of the penalties of such drug and alcohol abuse.
    3. Lee College will provide each student and employee a copy of this policy.