‘Be Well™ Baytown’ Sun Safety Project

Sun Screen bottles with various SPF ratings

Project Background and Description

Lee College, with the support of Be Well™ Baytown, is embarking on an effort to educate and inform members of the college community about the harmful effects of excessive sun exposure. Be Well™ Baytown is an initiative of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center supported by ExxonMobil. Be Well™ Baytown aims to improve community health and reduce cancer risks by addressing, diet, physical activity, preventive care, tobacco control and ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure.

Project Scope

As a part of this initiative, Lee College will educate faculty members, staff, and students by encouraging engagement in sun protective behaviors and improvement in the physical environment to reduce lifetime risk of skin cancer. The overall aim is to increase knowledge about UVR exposure risks, provide staff and students with the necessary tools to help reduce their exposure to UVR, and increase availability of shade across campus.

Sun safety efforts have been adopted at four campus locations (main campus, McNair Center, Lee College Education Center – South Liberty County, and Huntsville Center’s prison program) and implementation efforts began in the summer of 2018.

Sun safety efforts include:

  • Engaging the Sun Safety Project Committee
  • Distributing educational materials to the college community through print, social media, and a dedicated Web page
  • Developing campus-wide guidelines regarding sun safety with endorsements by key stakeholders
  • Incorporating sun safety messaging into existing campus channels (e.g., Facebook and website) and activities such as orientation sessions, professional development for faculty and staff, Fall Fiesta, Spring Fling and a Health Fair
  • Incorporating sun safety information into the curriculum for nursing, education, health, and outdoor career technical programs
  • Providing access to free sunscreen throughout the campus (Map)
  • Enhancing Main campus grounds by increasing shaded areas for students, faculty and staff (Map)

Sun Safety Information