Academic Honesty

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Last Updated: 11/07/2018

means performing all academic work without plagiarism, cheating, lying, tampering, stealing, giving or receiving unauthorized assistance from any other person, or using any source of information that is not common knowledge without properly acknowledging the source.

Academic honesty is essential to the maintenance of an environment where teaching and learning take place. It is the foundation upon which students build personal integrity and establish standards of personal behavior. The Lee College Academic Honesty Code and its systematic procedures are detailed in the Lee College Catalog.

Academic Honesty Values

Lee College expects and encourages all to contribute to such an environment by observing the principles of academic honesty outlined in the Academic Honesty Values listed below. In the summer of 2018, the Lee College Academic Honesty Taskforce adapted and adopted the Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity, written by the International Center for Academic Integrity. These values are the foundation of the Lee College Academic Honesty Code as specified in the Catalog.

Honesty: Lee College advances the quest for truth and knowledge through intellectual and personal honesty in learning, teaching, research, and service.

  • Honesty is the indispensable foundation of teaching, learning, research, and service, and a necessary prerequisite for full realization of trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility.
  • Dishonest behavior not only jeopardizes the welfare of academic communities and violates the rights of its members, it can also tarnish the reputation of the institution and diminish the worth of the degrees it grants.

Trust: Lee College fosters and relies upon climates of mutual trust. Climates of trust encourage and support the free exchange of ideas, which in turn allows scholarly inquiry to reach its fullest potential.

  • When honesty is established as a value, it allows for and encourages the development of Trust
  • At Lee College trust is built on a foundation of actions more importantly than words.

Fairness: Lee College establishes clear and transparent expectations, standards, and practices to support fairness in the interactions of students, faculty, and administrators.

  • Fairness embodies predictability, transparency, and clear, reasonable expectations, which engenders consistent and just responses to dishonesty and integrity breaches
  • Consistent enforcement of high expectations strengthens trust at Lee College.

Respect: Lee College values the interactive, cooperative, and participatory nature of learning. We honor, value, and consider diverse opinions and ideas.

  • At Lee College, even those who disagree on facts share respect and reverence for knowledge and the methods by which they are obtained because it is fostered by an atmosphere of truth, honesty, trust, and fairness.
  • Lee College values respect of self and others.

Responsibility: Lee College values personal accountability coupled with the willingness of individuals and groups to lead by example, uphold mutually agreed-upon standards, and take action where they encounter wrongdoing.

  • Lee College Students and Faculty stand up against wrongdoing, resist peer pressure, and serve as positive examples to the Baytown Community.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for our own actions and work to discourage and prevent misconduct by others.

Courage: Lee College stands up for its values in the face of pressure and adversity that requires determination, commitment, and resiliency.

  • We hold ourselves and our colleagues to the highest standards of academic integrity despite the risk of reprisal
  • We act in accordance to the values we cherish.

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